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Welcome to our image gallery!

Scroll down to see pictures of everything we do from class activities, private lessons, tournaments, promotion exams, and all the moments in between when we’re just having a great time.


Karate skills make us masters of all sports: volleyball, soccer, pizza eating, etc.

Ready to fight off Coronavirus with our bare hands!

The cold weather can’t stop our karate-ka! Still training hard all winter!

If you’re doing karate, the world is your dojo. Private lessons give students individual attention to hone their skills in their very own homes. However, private lessons are only offered in conjunction with regular classes as one of the most important parts of our dojo is the community and connections we build training together.

It takes more than a pandemic to keep us from training.


After a session of hard work and dedication, we’re so proud of how our students have come. Looking good in those new belts, guys!

Sensei Loren was kind enough to host a group of advanced students who she knows through past training experience and even allowed some of our advanced youngsters to come train with the big dogs. Nothing like karate to celebrate the Holidays!


Our first year in business. Our shirts are as bright as our future.