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We are a karate training program that focuses on the basics of Shotokan karate, kata and kumite, and its application in daily life, sports and Self Defense.

We teach all ages and are mainly in the North Suburbs of the Chicagoland area. We start with young children of 5 years old all the way to adulthood.

Our main focus is to carry traditional karate, and to teach it’s focus and how to apply it in every area of a daily life.

Dojo Kun

A Dojo Kun are the rules/values that we expect out of our students. The Dojo Kun should be applied at all times in and out of the dojo. Below is our Dojo Kun in Japanese calligraphy. Our Dojo Kun is as follows:

1. Respect Propriety

2. Refrain from Violent and Impetuous behavior

3. Exalt oneself in the perfection of character

4. Be faithful and sincere

5. Cultivate the Spirit of Perseverance 

Kids Version:

1. Respect the rules and others

2. Behave, Don’t be anxious, and Don’t start fights 

3. Have a positive attitude and try hard to accomplish goals

4. Tell the truth and be honest

5. Don’t give up and train hard at all times